There are 4 RHCs in the region of Western Australia. They include:

CROCH: CROCH is one of the recent RHC members of NRHN founded in 2019. The club seeks to reduce the gap between rural and urban health by encouraging more health experts to delve into rural health practices. The club does this through a variety of activities that influence their education and experience.

CROCH provides various opportunities to network with health students and experts with similar interests. The club seeks to expand across all aspects of allied health. The clubs exposes its members to activities that support medical students at Curtin. They include rural school visits, rural clinical education, and scholarships and work placement opportunities.

CROCH collaborates with the NRHN and RHW in providing these opportunities to its members.

The club operates a free and open membership to Curtin University medical students from diverse backgrounds – both rural and urban. Anyone can be a part of CROCH as long as they are interested in rural health.

KRASH: KRASH is a regional alliance for Kimberly health students. The RHC is a 2020 multidisciplinary student-led body based in Notre Dame University.

KRASH encompasses student members that are interested in rural health and committed to rural health development.

SPINRPHEX: This is the oldest student RHC in Australia – established since April 1990. Club members include students of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and oral health – who are interested in rural health. The club has over 600 members from across Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, Notre Dame University, and the University of Western Australia.

The club is committed to improving the quality of healthcare of rural Australia due to the dearth of health professionals in rural communities. It educates and exposes its members to rural health practices while fostering personal development, social support, and team building. Members have grated the opportunity to assist rural communities through the club’s annual events.

The RHC offers a wide range of activities like career night, children festivals, health night, camping, and a joint-conference with WAALHIIBE.

SPINRPHEX operates free and open membership to rural and urban University students.

WAALHIIBE: This is an RHC for allied health students in Western Australia. Established in 2000, the club has members cutting across Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, Notre Dame University, and the University of Western Australia.

The RHC was established by a group of students concerned about the dearth of allied health experts in rural communities in Western Australia.

WAALHIIBE allows members access to clinical education sessions, conferences, rural school visits, work placement opportunities, and information on rural health practice.

WAALHIIBE operates a free and open membership to health science students at Universities in Western Australia from rural and urban backgrounds. Anyone that is interested in rural health can join WAALHIIBE.