Volunteering For NRHSN

Volunteering has always been a huge part of what we do at NRHSN. Since inception, we have been able to expand outreach through the goodwill of those who have volunteered to the good cause of our rural health program. 

NRHSN has, over the years, survived on the vibrancy of the youth and college students who have devoted their time and resources.  These set of passion-driven people have able to tackle the issues related to rural health.

In all our twenty-nine club centres or organisation, we have seen an influx of responsible and responsive young adult willing to take charge or rural health. Through their volunteering action, many feats have been achieved. Some of which include;

Our Volunteering portfolio

Community Engagement: Without volunteers in our various clubs in different parts of the country, community engagement cannot be achieved. The people at NRHSN rely on the willingness of its members in various clubs to achieve a robust community engagement. And, so far, there has been great success recorded in this field.

With the help of our volunteers, we have been able to penetrate many communities. This community engagement has come with sensitisation of issues of rural health.

School Outreach: School outreach has also been possible through the efforts of our volunteers. We have been able to indigenous rural schools to educate pupils on community health issues. Also, we have simultaneously encouraged consideration of careers in health among young indigenous students.

Research And Submission: NHRSN has always commented on relevant rural health issues in the country. These comments and positions held have been possible through the contributions of our volunteers.

NHRSN volunteers are a crop of passionate and focus driven people who want to contribute to issues of rural health in Australia. They have recognised the imminent danger in doing nothing about the changing circumstances of rural health. And have volunteered to contribute their best in enhancing the growth of rural health penetration in Australia.

Our volunteers are open to diverse opportunities in indigenous health and are presented with daily opportunities to learn. They experience every of our rural inside programmes and converse with professionals in different fields.

These have made them build a portfolio of relevant experience in rural health.

If you want to be part of this community of gig achievers in rural health, you are free to join us. We have twenty-nine clubs in different parts of the country. If you are a college student, you should check with your school. We might just have a presence in there.

Tho get the list of our clubs around the country, check the segment on rural health clubs or click (here).

By joining us, you are signing up for a lifetime experience of relevant knowledge I’m rural health. Like all lie volunteers, you will have the opportunity to meet new minds. You will also get the opportunity to communicate with professionals in rural health.

Make a choice now and become part of a forward-moving organisation.

If you have any question or enquiries, you can reach out to us by something with some of our officers.