In NSW, we have nine rural health clubs located across nine Universities in the territory. They include:

BREAATHHE: BREAATHHE is a University of Newcastle multidisciplinary health club with over 1000 members. This makes it one of the largest rural health clubs in Australia, with members from various health professions.

BREAATHHE fosters rural and remote health careers and practices among its members through a range of club activities that promote interaction and networking.

MIRAGE: MIRAGE is the rural health club of the University of Sydney, also having over 1000 members cutting across multiple health disciplines.

The MIRAGE is committed to developing the rural and remote health careers of their members. MIRAGE organises several local and community engagement activities annually, to improve student members’ educational experience.

MURHC: is the Macquarie University multidisciplinary health club committed to promoting rural health within the Macquarie community.

MUEHC is a student-led club that aims to promote rural and remote health to its members through a number of exciting activities.

NERCHA: NERCHA stands for the New England Rural Health Club for Heath Alliance, and is located at the University of New England.

NERCHA supports students with a rural background and also nurtures rural health equity interest in non-rural background students. They are passionate about empowering medical, nursing and allied health students in improving healthcare in rural and remote Australia.

The club organises events annually for all members. They include charity fundraising events, speaker nights, and rural high school visitations.

RAHMS: Rural Allied Health and Medical Society (RAHMS) is a student-led club in the University of New South Wales. The club has more than 600 members across these eight disciplines.

RAHMS seeks to create awareness about rural and remote health issues and connect students with similar interests from across various universities.  The club also promotes rural careers, scholarship opportunities and health matters in indigenous Australia.

RHPositive: RH+ is a new cross-campus CSU health club that is passionate about advocating for rural health and rural health labour issues.

RHUWS: The Rural Health Union of Western Sydney (RHUWS) is a multidisciplinary student initiative founded in 2007. The club seeks to connect students with rural and remote health.

ROUNDS: ROUNDS is a rural health organisation located at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. The student-led club was formed in 2008 and caters to medical and medical students.

SHARP: SHARP is a rural health club situated at the University of Wollongong. The multidisciplinary club has over 1000 members committed to rural and indigenous health.