Being In Council

Being a focused organisation, NRHSN has a governing council that commands and direct the organisation’s daily activities. This council has young and vibrant youths that have devoted their time and resources to solving issues of rural health importance.

Members of the council have been selectively appointed or elected as the case may be. The focus of NRHSN is to put round pegs in their hikes with its council members. This is to allow it to achieve its much passionate ambition to attend to issues of rural health and community safety.

The council has twenty-nine (29) representatives across all it’s a club in the country. These twenty-nine clubs, in turn, produce twenty-nine (29) presidents. These presidents are also part of the NRHSN council.

The Council Offices

Apart from this, there is an executive committee for NRHSN. This executive committee has eight offices under it. The eight offices are;

The Office of the Chairman

The Office of the Vice-Chairman

The Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Allied Officer for health

The Office of the Advocacy and Community Officer

The Office for indigenous health matters

The Office of the medical officer

The Office of the midwifery and nursing

These are not all; there is also room for the executive officer of the NRHSN who has a seat on the platform of the executive committee.

The executive committee has specific roles attached to their positions. One of such roles has to do with working hands in gloves to champion and lead support for the RHCs to enable it to achieve the priorities and aims of the NRHSN.

The executive committee also has another responsibility. Members of the committee serve as their RHCs and stakeholders’ primary contact in order to ensure that there is a persistent contact point.

Responsibility of Council Members

Specifically, the council members have the responsibility of

Attending all physical meetings that hold yearly

Participating in online conferences which involves their regions’ club and their relevant portfolio;

Ensuring that they discuss the election and voting decisions with all executive of the club they belong to;

Voting on their club’s behalf with the decision of the club. This, however, may be different from the opinions they hold personally.

Ensuring that they submit reports on their club’s behalf by the date submission is due to the NRHSN

Disbursing of important information that emanates from NRHSN to members of their club or members of the working group. They are also to maintain firm communication channel and network between their working group or club and NRHSN.

It is the sole responsibilities of members of the council to ensure these responsibilities are carried out with great care. This is to enable it to achieve the success that would foster the improvement of NRHSN.

Sometimes, there are incidental activities that would ensure the smooth achievement of the above responsibilities. Where this is the case, it would be the duty of the council members to carry such out. This is to allow for unhindered operation of the organisation.

If you have any observations or enquiries, you can reach the executive committee of the NRHSN on (phone number). You might also shoot them a mail via (email).