We have part of our rural health clubs in the ACT where our members meet up to carve plans for health outreaches.

For ACT, there are two of our vibrant clubs where members of the public can join and participate in what we do.

These two rural health clubs in the ACT are ARMS located in National University (Australia) and CRANC located at Canberra University.

ARMS: At ARMS, you can be part of a forward-moving health club which has unparalleled passion in rural and health medicine.

ARMS started in 2004 as a group of people with devoted attention to improving the state of the rural people’s health and medicine. Now, it has grown to become a force to reckon with on the field of rural medicine.

Though an organisation run by students, ARMS has not failed to deliver on the purpose for which it was set up. ARMS has always run based on providing clinical skill and tackling rural health issues in communities. It also provides health check to the rural community with no cost, raises healthy lifestyle awareness and relationship building with medical doctors around Canberra.

In its Canberran community, ARMS has grown in reputation of promoting clinical and medical career pathways.

From its inception up till now, ARMS has been known as a committed and actively engaging student-run club for rural health. 

Its volunteer network cuts across medical students at the ANU.

CRANC: CRANC is another organisation in ACT whose focus is on issues affecting rural health. Established in 2008, CRANC has created records in Canberra’s rural health.

Over the years, CRANC has championed some helpful events like the MEC and REC courses which have since been circulated across all NRHSN network in the country.

Aside from this, CRANC has built its reputation around engaging local communities and schools. This reputation has been used to spread information about health issues in rural communities and how to best tackle them.

CRANC provides a great opportunity for active involvement in community and health advocacy.

As a student organisation, our focus is to establish a connection in rural communities. This would enable us to focus on various health issues in the rural areas and evaluate what responses each issue can get.

Over the years, we have recorded successes in different rural community endeavours. Some of these endeavours focus on building a better relationship with doctors for rural health outreach.

We are seeking for more vibrant students with a passion for rural health to join our team. You can reach out to us today. We would be glad to welcome you in.