The NRHSN is a focus driven organisation championed by the efforts of young and vibrant youths across the country. The NRHSN like to think itself as the embodiment of the future of Australia’s rural health. And rightly so, it has proven itself in many ways.

Through its many innovative and engaging programmes, it has penetrated many parts of indigenous Australia. Many of our programmes have centred on identifying health issues in rural areas and providing solutions. We have also connected health professionals to rural communities for fast responses in time of need. One of the programmes also focuses on encouraging young lads to consider careers in rural health.

With membership, the NRHSN boasts of a robust membership base of more than nine thousand (9000) people. These people are passionate about the future of Australia’s rural and community health. And have recognised the need to contribute their part towards achieving better rural health for indigenous people.

These members cut across different universities across the country. Our members come from twenty-nine universities where we have established clubs attending to rural health issues. These clubs are in universities across all territories and states in Australia.

The NRHSN is reputed to be the only student health multidisciplinary network in Australia. Being multidisciplinary, it brings together different people from diverse discipline in the University.

Some of these disciplines include nursing, medicine and some from allied health. This initiative, through various means, encourages the students to consider a career in rural health. This, NRHSN believes, would help to increase the number of professionals and boost the penetration in indigenous communities.

Being an organisation run by students, the NRHSN is not without aims. Two aims have been identified and are being pursued passionately by all our members.

The first is to be able to provide a reckoning voice to students. These students are those whose interest touch down on the need to improve outcomes of health for remote and rural Australians.

The second is to enhance the promotion of careers in rural health. This is to allow students to take charge and dive into a career in rural health.

As a responsibility, we offer programmes of rural experience for weekends, an information session on career and development of professional activities. We also provide university students with a social base.

The NRHSN has a student network consisting of leaders who advocate on health students’ behalf. This advocacy includes opportunities for rural placements.

As part of the Australian’s government initiative from the government’s health department, NRHSN is bound to achieve more in the coming years. We are working hands in gloves with our volunteers across the country. These volunteers have been charged with the responsibility of seeing to a broader penetration of rural communities.

We believe all these are possible and achievable with the right support. That is why we implore you to be part of the good things we do. You can join a club in any university with our presence. You can also volunteer to be part of the right cause.