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National Rural Health Network.

We are a focus driven organisation championed by the efforts of young and vibrant youths across the country. We like to think of ourselves as the embodiment of the future of Australia’s rural health.

We are reputed as the only student health multidisciplinary network in Australia.

We are reputed as the only student health multidisciplinary network in Australia. Being multidisciplinary, we bring together different people from diverse disciplines in more than twenty-nine (29) universities.

Through our many innovative and engaging programmes, we have penetrated many parts of indigenous Australia. Many of our programmes have centred on identifying health issues in rural areas and providing solutions.

We have also connected health professionals to rural communities for fast responses in time of need.

We have successfully carved a niche in seeing rural health in the whole of Australia.

With more than nine thousand members, we have created a reach into many rural and community areas.

We have also been able to reach many indigenous people in Australian. And through our educational outreach, we have encouraged many to consider a career in rural health.

We have different aspects through which we reach the public and build trust and actions for our programmes. Some of these include:

Rural Health Clubs:

Our rural health clubs are avenues for you to join us and become part of a family that positively affects the lives of the people around you.

Due to this, we have established various health clubs in different parts of the country, especially in our colleges. This is to allow vibrant young people to seize the opportunity to be part of a community tackling health issues in rural areas. In all the regions of Australia, we have built great presence. We have a presence in ACT NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.


Being a focused organisation, NRHSN has a governing council that commands and direct the organisation’s daily activities. This council has young and vibrant youths that have devoted their time and resources to solving issues of rural health importance.

Members of the council have been selectively appointed or elected as the case may be. The focus of NRHSN is to put round pegs in their hikes with its council members. This is to allow it to achieve its much passionate ambition to attend to issues of rural health and community safety.


Advocacy has been a critical part of what NRHSN does. Through its advocacy programmes, the organisation has widened its gap and outreach.

Position Papers:

The NRHSN has used its position paper to advocate for various issues that are considered germane to the imminent future of work in rural health. Through these position papers, NRHSN has put out different statements in support of various relevant topics to rural health.


Research is another channel through which NRHSN projects its advocacy on rural health. The organisation has a portfolio of evidence-based research materials. This research centres on the future of Australia’s workforce in the field of rural health.

You can download the research materials at your pleasure.


Submission is another method the NRHSN advocates on relevant issues in the field of rural health. Through this submissions channel, ensures that it bring to the attention of the Australian government, the issues affecting the workforce of rural health.

Engagement of Indigenous Community:

Rural community is central to the existence of NRHSN. The purpose of its establishment is to see that there is an improvement in rural health.

Through this, NRHSN encourages the participation of students in the improvement of education and health in the indigenous communities

Community Engagement:

Without volunteers in our various clubs in different parts of the country, community engagement cannot be achieved. The people at NRHSN rely on the willingness of its members in various clubs to achieve a robust community engagement. And, so far, there has been great success recorded in this field.

School Outreach:

School outreach has also been possible through the efforts of our volunteers. We have been able to indigenous rural schools to educate pupils on community health issues. Also, we have simultaneously encouraged consideration of careers in health among young indigenous students.

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